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德国莱宝LEYBOLD手持式真空计Digital PIEZOVAC Sensor PV 101

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德国莱宝LEYBOLD手持式真空计Digital PIEZOVAC Sensor PV 101

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德国莱宝LEYBOLD手持式真空计Digital PIEZOVAC Sensor PV 101


Digital PIEZOVAC Sensor PV 101

Measurement principle:Piezo-resistiv
Measuring units:mbar, Torr, hPa
压强范围:0,1 - 1200 mbar
接口法兰:DN 16 ISO-KF

Digital PIEZOVAC Sensor PV 101

The PIEZOVAC PV 101 has been specially developed for food sector deployments. The device can be operated directly under vacuum conditions. Thanks to its detachable flange connection the size of the sensor was significantly reduced. In the medium vacuum range pressures of up to 0.1 mbar will be traced and read out. The exclusive use of its piezo sensor significantly increases the battery’s service life so that the device is continuously ready for operation.

The digital compact PIEZOVAC PV 101 combines high-quality sensor technology with modern processor technology in a handy design. Owing to its battery mode, the device can be attached and operated at any pressure measuring point, and directly display or store up to 2,000 values for later evaluations and visualizations. All data values stored can be exported and displayed on a computer via USB link and by means of the optional VacuGraph software. The software is especially useful for setting up the device or calculating rises in pressure for detecting rough leaks. A carrying case providing space for all required accessories and for storing and transport protection is enclosed with the device and the software.


Advantages to the User 

 Direct display of measuring values; other monitoring devices are not necessary
■ Developed for deployments in demanding environments
■ Versatile deployment due to mainsindependent power supply 
■ High-precision measurements of all common gas types
■ Export and analysis of stored measurement values via USB interface 
■ Online analysis of measurement values via USB interface


Typical Applications 

 Versatile deployment with vacuum pump and vacuum plant servicings 
■ Comparative measurements of fixed pressure gauges 
■ Direct measuring inside vacuum vessels or vacuum packs 
■ Measuring of rough leaks after maintenance services

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