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莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_武汉莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_镇江莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_常州莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_无锡莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_南通莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_杭州莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_浙江莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_吴中莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_太仓莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_常熟莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501_莱宝LEYBOLD罗茨真空泵RUVAC WSU 501-昆山熙日机械设备有限公司




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RUVAC WS系列罗茨泵由风冷或水冷罐装电机驱动。RUVAC WS/WSU系列罗茨泵有风冷和水冷电机版本,配备变频器,可使泵在有较大压差的情况下免于机械性过载

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Roots Pumps – Reliable, Safe, Rugged

Proven Technology Fully Optimized 
RUVAC roots pumps have been manufactured by Leybold for many decades. The dry compressor roots principle has proven itself in many areas of vacuum technology. 
Combined with dry or oil-sealed forevacuum pumps, RUVAC roots pumps are used very effectively to increase the pumping speed at low pressures, thus extending the operating pressure range of the fore-vacuum pumps. RUVAC roots pumps are available in three series with different motor drives. The RUVAC WA series uses air cooled, flange-mounted standard three phase motors. The RUVAC WS series are equipped with canned (rotor) motors in air-cooled or water-cooled versions. Each series consists of various sizes to always provide an optimized pumping speed for each application. All three series are available with or without integrated bypass valve (also known as pressure compensation valve).

■ RUVAC roots pumps can be used either in vertical or horizontal position, thus ensuring flexibility in achieving compact design within systems. Position selected may be changed later if required.
■ RUVAC roots pumps have rugged bearings, which in combination with the highly efficient lubrication systems enhances quiet running properties.
■ The rotor and stator coils in the drive motor of the RUVAC WS and RUVAC WSU are separated by a vacuum-sealed can.

As there is no drive shaft leadthrough, the requirement for reliability combined with a perfect seal is met in an ideal manner. 
The canned (rotor) motors combined with the highly efficient lubrication system in the RUVAC WS series allow running speeds up to 6,000 RPM (with frequency converter).
This means increased pumping speed with the same size of pump. The entire WA(U) range complies with the energy efficiency class IE3.


Proven Technology for Your Applications

The Intelligent Series 
Proven Technology for Your Applications RUVAC roots pumps are used in almost all areas of vacuum technology. They are a standard in combination with the established oil-sealed TRIVAC and SOGEVAC families. But they are also a standard as a complete dry combination with the DRYVAC and SCREWLINE family.

Leybold has taken the well-proven roots principle further and applied it in the RUVAC series to meet the highest requirements demanded by modern vacuum-based production processes:

■ The most frequent use of RUVAC roots pumps is to work as a booster stage for smaller forevacuum pumps to enable the compression of large volume flows of gases or vapors in the fine vacuum range.

Typical applications are heat treatment, furnaces, metallurgy or large area coating.

■ RUVAC roots pumps are standard equipment in the architectural glass coating industry. Combined with established oil sealed SOGEVAC pumps they realize the shortest pump down time at the loadlock chambers. Combined with the dry compressing DRYVAC and SCREWLINE pumps they guarantee a dry, reliable and trouble-free vacuum at the process chambers.
■ RUVAC roots pumps are used in many applications to achieve the shortest possible cycle times. Wherever fast evacuations are important, for example in supporting load lock chambers or in high-speed food packaging.
■ RUVAC roots pumps quickly reach a pressure of less than 10-3 mbar when evacuating lamps and insulating surfaces prior to the vapor deposition processes. 
■ RUVAC pumps are also used in monocrystal pulling equipment such as are used for the manufacture of silicon mono-crystal, the basic material for the manufacture of semiconductors and solar cells. We would be pleased to offer you our extensive product and applications support and know-how.

Our vacuum technology experts are available to provide accurate, comprehensive and fast responses to all your vacuum related needs.


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