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普旭BUSH真空泵Seco SV 1063 - 1140 B/C

普旭BUSH真空泵Seco SV 1063 - 1140 B/C

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普旭BUSH真空泵Seco SV 1063 - 1140 B/C

  • Dry-running:
    self-lubricating vanes, no oil to fill, drain, change or discard

  • Easy maintenance:
    service kit on-site, standard tools

  • Economical:
    low energy consumption, cost-effective maintenance

Seco SV dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps are compact, reliable and extremely powerful vacuum generators from Busch. Thanks to their lubricant-free operating principle, they can be used in many industrial applications where quick and reliable vacuum is required.

Seco SV rotary vane vacuum pumps are characterized by oil-free vacuum, a high level of availability and operational reliability. This is ensured thanks to a robust construction and hard-wearing, self-lubricating vanes made from special graphite. The compact design of the Seco SV vacuum pumps means that they can be fitted or installed in many locations.

Seco SV vacuum pumps are perfectly suited for use in pick and place applications for clamping and holding, medical, electronic, wood processing, packaging and printing and many other industrial applications.

Maintenance can be easily carried out by the operator. Apart from regular checks or changing of the vanes and filter replacement at recommended service intervals, no additional maintenance is required.

Seco – the dry solution. Compact and powerful.

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Technical specifications
Seco vacuum pumps work on the basis of proven rotary vane technology. Thanks to self-lubricating rotor vanes, no operating fluid is necessary. Compression occurs as part of a completely dry process. A standardized integrated filter protects the vacuum pump from contamination. A consistently high vacuum level in continuous operation is ensured through perfectly coordinated materials, special graphite vanes in the compression chamber, effective heat discharge, as well as state-of-the-art and precise manufacturing. A non-return valve (optional) prevents air from going back into the vacuum chamber when the vacuum pump is switched off. The unit is driven by an integrated motor which has a high level of efficiency. 

Accessories/Technical options

  • Inlet filter

  • Vacuum relief valve for SV 1063/1080 B

  • Non-return valve (inlet side)

  • Hose nipple

Seco SV 1063 – 1140 B/C


Pumping speed

Air at 20 °C. Tolerance: ± 10%

50 Hz60 Hz



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